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Heavy, I'm starting to enjoy all of your work. You have talent.

Once again, completely excellent! Well done!

This song blew my mind, I swear I could see an intense battle between a soldier on the ground and a helicopter or something. Great job!

You have....

Really great talent, this is just kick ass man, very impressive.

LoveKavi responds:

Thanks a bunch!

Very nice work

You should consider making more hip hop styled tracks for Zelda haha

A box of destiny

Hidden among massive ageless woods hides the molded remains of a castle, forgotten in time and retaken by nature. However, there is one person who still knows, and has for many generations. The man should have been dead hundreds of years ago, but mysteriously he lives. In this castle lies a dark secret, one he discovered as a young boy. A small black box, holding within a yellowed parchment with faded ink scrawled upon it. The words chillingly spell, "The Black Plague." When he was young he found this castle, gleaming a pearled alabaster. When he entered there was no one to be seen at first, so he ventured further into the dank catacombs below. The scent of burning wax and incense perverted the air he drew in. He continued on bravely, or foolishly depending, to a half rotted door with light behind it. Slowly he opened it, to find an old grey man stooping over a desk. Mumbling and holding his head, his fingers hidden among what was left of his hair. The man turned, and with reddened eyes he spoke softly, "Welcome boy, what name do you go by? Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you." The boy responded nervously, and the man grinned. "Tell me," he said with enthusiasm, "Do you like...magic?" The boy nodded eagerly. "Well then, I have something you may find amusing...this little..black..box." He explained that if you wrote a wish and put the paper inside the box it would come true. But what he failed to mention, was that this box would warp perceptions, influence the mind to carry out it's will. The boy hid this box until he became of adolescence. He was curious, but didn't fully believe what the old man told him, not until the box spoke to him in his dreams. He and his family were peasants, the lowest of peasants as well, treated worse than dirt. The box whispered to him for nights," I can make you a king, your family adorned in jewels and furs. I can make all the evil disappear. Just write these words and it will be all yours...The black plague..." He ignored the box for quite sometime, until finally he gave in. At first, nothing happened, until news spread of the royal family all dieing to a disease. Then more people passed on from the same. Yet the boy and his family lived, soon they were the only peasants left, and the aristocrats rewarded their devotion to the kingdom by making them royalty. They ruled for many years, but soon, the disease took them all as well. But not the boy, now a man. His children, his heirs, died to it. He was overcome by so much grief and guilt, that he vanished into the night to a place where he only knew. The castle in the woods, now verdigris and decayed, he sat in the chamber where he acquired this curse. He found a letter set neatly on the desk where the old man once sat. " Welcome again boy, I knew you would return, just as I did when I held that cursed object. When you read this I will be one with the spirits. I never told you, and I harbor slight regret, the box is of evil. I found it the same way you did, an old man spoke the same words I uttered to you. The box will not let you die, you will not taste the sweet relief of passing as long as you hold it. And once you return to this castle, you cannot leave. You cannot destroy the box, the only way to release yourself from it's resilient grip...is to wait. Wait for another curious soul to wander to you. You will feel nothing, know no hunger, the only thing you will have is your thoughts and what you did. A fate worse than death...good luck to you my boy." After reading this letter, he sat with sunken eyes, staring at the box with resentment and sorrow. And so we learn, curiosity is more dangerous than the knives highwaymen of the night conceal. He still lives today, waiting for his body to finally die, to replace him with another fool....

MarkySpark responds:

A disturbingly doomed dysfunctional engrossing epistle. Magnificent!

Well done

You know a compostion is great when you feel emotion. Great Job.

MarkySpark responds:

You are so right.

Straight out of a movie

This is very well done and just has the feel of being a part of a movie soundtrack. Are all these songs somehow interconnected?

ProudAardvark responds:

Hey Anubis, thanks so much for the great review. I'm trying to break into film scoring, so having that "big cinematic feel" is really what I was going for with this one. I'm just posting spare tracks on here that are either just for fun or for my demo reel so there isn't really a unifying theme. I was thinking of doing a series of samurai/ninja ones to go along with this though.

Oh my....

Holy s***!!!!! Your mixes are incredible my friend! Please do make more than three of these euphoric melodies that deafen my ears with extreme awesomeness!


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