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2009-08-13 17:08:00 by Anubisblack

I have submitted a piece of art that I made, but it has not been scouted yet. Can anyone tell me how long scouting takes or how to go about getting the work of art up onto the site for viewing? Any information is helpful! Thanks!


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2009-08-13 17:28:03

Here: _art_submissions

Read the entire art section, it should be enough.


2009-08-13 18:25:12

A few things
1. You need at least 4 submissions to be scouted.
2. Unless your art is absolutely spectacular, or you have scouted friends, you're probably not going to be scouted any time soon. Sorry.
3. Try to add a background to your submission(s)- they're much more eyecatching and you'll probably have a better chance of being scouted.